One extraordinary anniversary

It was a dark night. The town of New York was sleeping. From time to time a car appeared on the streets, or even a person, who was returning perhaps from a party or something like that. In one of the houses, there was someone who was having a nice dream. What was he dreaming about? About his past? About his future?  The dreaming man was Victor Garber, the famous actor from the Titanic movie.  It was April 15th 2012. 100 years after Titanic sunk.  Victor suddenly woke up. He watched the alarm clock. It was 2:00 am. 2:00 am! That rang a bell, it surely did.  Hundred years ago, this was the time, when the story of Titanic was reaching its end. Victor remembered the last moments of Titanic from the 1997 movie. He as Thomas Andrews was standing in the smoking room, adjusting the clock to estimate the time of her foundering, and feeling a variety of emotions – from sadness to anger and fear. But it was not only his character, who felt like this. It was emotional for him, too.

No wonder, that Victor broke down in tears. This is going to be a special night, a special day. ´If I have time, I will travel to Belfast to pay tribute to the victims,´ he said to himself.

And yes, he did like he said. Couple of weeks later he was standing in front of the Titanic Museum and considering how to pay homage to the victims of the disaster in the best way.

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A special connection

It was somewhere in the year 1995. A bright and sunny day in California. Victor Garber was starting to think about his new, demanding task, which was the role of Master Shipbuilder Thomas Andrews in the movie about Titanic. One day, when he was struck with a wave of melancholia, Victor closed his eyes and tried to picture the situation in the year 1912, on April 10th.  He sighed and was shaken to the very core. The story of Titanic was about to be relived, the first shooting was about to be start, and he was about to enter the most improbable connection one can ever imagine - with a man from the past, who was so much like him- with Mr.Andrews.

As he opened his eyes again, he wondered where on Earth he was… He was so entranced by the memory of 1912, that he forgot the time and year. And, suddenly, he saw something not far from the chair he was sitting on.  Some papers. Victor approached the place and could see  they were for certain not so ordinary. Some drawings on a blue paper… Victor stopped short and thought he were daydreaming again…. ‘Oh my, what an honor, wow,’ he thought and was emotional beyond measure. He carefully unwrapped the packages and saw it clearly - the blueprints of the RMS Titanic, the ship designed by Mr.Andrews, whom would Victor play in the upcoming movie. Thank Goodness noone was near, for he would feel sort of ashamed to cry like crazy. Indeed, he was in tears.. ‘Thank you, Mr Andrews, for showing me the blueprints of your ship!’ he choked and saw in his mind the smiling face of Thomas Andrews, the noble man from Ireland.

When Victor got to bed that day, he couldn´t sleep easily,for he was thinking of the next days and years to come. Is that Titanic movie going to be a blockbuster, or utter piece of rubbish?

A special connection had started

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should i say something else?

should i say something else?

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I have never ever thought that it could be a movie\show I would not like Victor in, well i was mistaken It is now, Sleepy hollow, don’t like him there at all :(

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irishlassie1207 thought: "Hello! My name is Amanda and I always love to chat with fellow Victor fans!"
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irishlassie1207 thought: "One of my many Victor confessions is that I'm trying to get ahold of his address to write him a letter asking for an autograph. It would be an awesome touch for my birthday next month! :-) <3"
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Anonymous thought: "He is my favourite actor.. A very versatile one, but the genre which suits him most is drama or psychological film. I liked him mostly in Annie, Alias, Titanic and Home Room. I like him for his attitude towards Alzheimer London Society and Canadian Diabetes Society- he has got a sense of altruism by supporting these organisations. He is also a great singer - his vocal range is incredible."
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Anonymous thought: "I think Victor Garber's had plastic surgery. Even though it shouldn't make any difference to me, it makes me sad."
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I’ve started rewatching Alias. Skip everything except moments with Victor. Want to forget everything and watch it as for the first time.

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